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Cameron Quick



• Flash calorimetry (FDSC) on metals


Education/Professional experience

2006–2011The King Alfred School
2011–2013A-Level studies at Bridgwater College
2013–2017Integrated Masters program in Chemical Physics at the University of East Anglia, with a focus on transition metal and quantum chemistry, including a year abroad at the University of Calgary, Canada
2017Graduation, MChem.
Topic: Time Dependent Density Functional Theory Studies of Novel Fluorescent Aromatic Phosphate Compounds for Biomolecular Probe Applications
2018–presentPhD student and research associate at the Chair of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, Montanuniversitaet Leoben

PhD Thesis

Title: Detection of vacancy annihilations via Fast Scanning Calorimetry (FSC)

The established methods of vacancy detection have seen little innovation over the last decades. Besides a refinement of existing methods with improved equipment, recent research has mainly concerned various ab-initio calculations. However, with the introduction of commercially available nano-calorimeters, the scientific community now has access to unprecedented precision and temperature control in calorimetric measurements. Explorations into heat capacity measurements will aid the development of general measurement strategies for metallic materials and assist in establishing fast scanning calorimetry as a standard for metallic characterisation. The project’s ultimate goal is to achieve the first ever calorimetric measurements of quenched-in vacancy point defects under the following hypothesis: comparison of heating scans with different thermal histories should reveal an exothermic vacancy annihilation effect in the DSC signal. Funding is provided by the European Research Council under the project TRANSDESIGN.


Tunes M. A., C. Quick, L. Stemper, D. S. R. Coradini, J. Grasserbauer, P. Dumitraschkewitz, T. M. Kremmer and S. Pogatscher: A contaminationfree electron-transparent metallic sample preparation method for MEMS experiments with in situ S/TEM. arXiv:2012.029 (2020)

Quick C. R., J. E. K. Schawe, P. J. Uggowitzer and S. Pogatscher: Measurement of specific heat capacity via fast scanning calorimetry—Accuracy and loss corrections. Thermochimica Acta 677 (2019), 12–20