Academic studies

From the indispensable car to the space station, from snazzy mobile phones to super computers, from food packaging to shiny façades, nonferrous metals are the basis of life in today’s society. Nonferrous metallurgy deals with the extraction and production, processing, materials science, and recycling of such metals as aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, titanium, magnesium, niobium, gold, silver, platinum, among others, and their compounds.

Metallurgy is a unique university course that can be studied in Austria only at the University of Leoben. Graduates of the two-part course are awarded the academic degree “B.Sc.” (Bachelor of Science) after seven semesters. Building on this course, the three-semester master’s program conveys advanced knowledge in the chosen elective groups. The graduate metallurgist is awarded the title of “Dipl.-Ing.” (Diplomingenieur) at the traditional graduation ceremony.

There is a great demand in the industry for nonferrous metallurgists and a wide range of professional fields. Applications range from managing metal production and processing companies, planning, engineering and commissioning metallurgical plants, to optimizing processes with regard to energy, ecology and business management. These excellent job prospects result from a sound basis of wide-ranging, up-to-the-minute knowledge in combination with the possibility of collaborating on industrial projects even during the course.