Reactivity of deoxidation aluminum in molten steel (NEM)


Project monitoring:

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Christoph Wagner

During solidification, oxygen dissolved in molten steel causes negative material properties such as embrittlement, susceptibility to cracking, pitting corrosion and poor machinability. A possible way to reduce the oxygen content of molten steel is to add deoxidizers to the melt. To achieve a high deoxidation potential, the quality requirements of the deoxidizers are very important. Due to the diverse ways of producing deoxidation granules, such as by smelting, cold working or shredding, an evaluation of the individual materials with regard to their deoxidation potential is of general interest. This article aims at evaluating the advantages of deoxidation aluminum produced by smelting as opposed to differently produced deoxidation aluminum – in order to make possible objective classification, facilitate usage allocation, and highlight decisive quality properties of the individual products.

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