Optimization and industrial establishment of aluminum crossover alloys

Project monitoring:

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Samberger
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Stefan Pogatscher

The use of conventional wrought aluminium alloys, especially in the automotive industry, always requires a compromise between required strength and sufficient formability. By using aluminium crossover alloys, it is possible to avoid this trade-off, as these alloys offer both high strength and excellent plastic deformability and are therefore more than capable of meeting the industrial requirements of future lightweight construction applications. This research work aims to improve experimental crossover alloys, which already offer highest strength levels as well as good plastic or superplastic formability, in accordance with the extensive requirements of industrial application. The challenges regarding to optimal processing and recyclability are of particular interest. For the latter point, the impact of tramp elements introduced by recycling processes and their effects on the property profile are of great importance and require intensive research.