Hydrometallurgical recycling of residues

Project Managers

Dipl.-Ing. Eva Gerold
Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Stefan Luidold

Through process and technology development for the processing of complex residues with varying composition in the field of metallurgy as well as a development of methods for the simultaneous multi-metal recovery from primary and secondary sources, an improvement of the raw material availability can be realized. Above all, previously not usable, metal-containing residues are attributed a central importance in this work, since these were previously disposed of and removed from the recycling cycle. For simultaneous processing of metal-containing residues, waste acids and waste liquors, a combination of leaching and precipitation is used. To assess the impact of various metals on leaching, they are added in a targeted manner (e.g. Cr, Fe). As part of the precipitation, particular attention is paid to the selectivity in relation to the corresponding Pourbaix diagrams.