Karl Büchner


• Reduction of CO2 emissions in aluminum secondary metallurgy
• Effects of the atmosphere on melting and heat treatment processes


Education/ Professional experience

2001–2009Gymnasium Dresden Cotta
2010–2016Diploma’s degree program in Materials Science and Technology, with focus on non-ferrous metallurgy, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
2016Graduation (Dipl.-Ing.), title of thesis: Optimization of process parameters for the electrodeposition of brass on copper-plated steel rounds
2016–2017Research associate at the Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy and Purest Materials, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, working group semiconductor materials, focus on magnetohydrodynamics
2018–2022Senior Metallurgist at UrbanGold GmbH, field of recycling and process development
Since 05/2022PhD student and research associate at Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy, University of Leoben