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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont.

Phillip Dumitraschkewitz


• Imaging of cluster formation in aluminium alloys
• Implementation of clusterfinding algorithms
• High resolution characterization with atom probe tomography (APT) and transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM)
• Calometric characterization, DSC and Flash DSC
• Computer aided data evaluation



2000–2004BRG Bruck/Mur
2004–2009HTL Leoben, Focus on metallurgy, Passed with honors
2009–2014Bachelor’s degree program in Material Science, University of Leoben, Austria (B.Sc.)
2014–2015Master’s degree program in Material Science, University of Leoben, Austria, Graduation
Topic: Planar faults in gamma – TiAl: An atomistic study
2019Conferral of doctorate (Dr. mont.)
Topic: Clustering and Diffusion in Aluminium Alloys

Professional experience

2015–presentPhD student and research associate at Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria

PhD Thesis

Title: Clustering and diffusion in aluminium alloys

This thesis gives an overview of existing information on natural aging and clustering in aluminum alloys. An in-depth understanding of existing analysis methods of clustering is established. Moreover, an approach is developed, and applied, to access natural aging times below one hour via atom probe tomography. With the realized experiments it is shown that the as-quenched state can be investigated. Moreover it is demonstrated that clustering and all non-equilibrium vacancy controlled diffusionional processes are size-dependent and natural aging is effectively stopped when the material dimensions reach the nanometer scale.


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