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Bernhard Trink


• Microstructural analysis
• Development of high ferrous 6xxx Al-alloys


Education/Professional experience

2002–2010Bundesrealgymnasium Villach Perau
2011–2019Bachelor’s degree program in Metallurgy, University of Leoben (BSc)
2019–2020Master’s degree program in Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria, with focus on Nonferrous Metallurgy and Material Science
2020Graduation (Dipl.-Ing.)
Topic: Mikrostrukturelle Charakterisierung einer Mg-Al-Ca-Mn-Legierung bei der Herstellung von Schmiedeteilen
2021–presentPhD student and research associate at Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria CD-laboratory for advanced aluminium alloys

PhD Thesis

Al-Mg-Si alloys with high content of Fe-containing primary phases

One of the biggest challenges in recycling aluminum is the highly diverse composition of aluminum scrap. Iron in particular poses a problem, as it gradually accumulates through the recycling of secondary aluminum and is difficult to remove by metallurgical means. In aluminum alloys it tends to form coarse primary phases, most of which reduce ductility and have a negative effect on forming processes. What if these otherwise harmful iron-containing phases could not only be rendered harmless by alloy design and adapted processing, but could also be used to positively influence the microstructure in wrought Al alloys? For this purpose, Al-Mg-Si alloys are modified with high iron and manganese contents. The focus is on improving the mechanical properties by using the iron‑rich phases to set an optimized microstructure.


Trink B., Weißensteiner I., Uggowitzer P.J., Strobel K., Hofer-Roblyek A., Pogatscher S.: Processing and microstructure–property relations of Al-Mg-Si-Fe crossover alloys, Acta Materialia, 257 (2023), 119160

Papenberg N., A. Arnoldt, B. Trink, P. Uggowitzer and S. Pogatscher: Closed die forging of a Mg-Al-Ca-Mn-Zn lean alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A (2022), 857, 144079

B. Trink, I. Weißensteiner, P.J. Uggowitzer, K. Strobel and S. Pogatscher: High Fe content in Al-Mg-Si wrought alloys facilitates excellent mechanical properties, Scripta Materialia (2022), 114701 


Trink B.: Iron-rich intermetallic phases improving mechanical properties in Al-Mg-Si wrought alloys, THERMEC 2023 – International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials: Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications, Wien, Österreich, 2023

Trink B.: Wrought Al-Mg-Si alloys with high Fe content enable attractive mechanical properties. 18th International conference on aluminium alloys, Toyama, Japan, 2022