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Patrick Krall


• Development of new scrap based aluminium alloys



2009–2014HTL Leoben with focus on Metallurgy
2015–2019Bachelor’s degree program in Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria (BSc)
2019–2021Master’s degree program in Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria, with focus on Nonferrous Metallurgy and Iron and Steel Metallurgy
2021Graduation (Dipl.-Ing.)
Topic: Sustainable recycling-related aluminium alloys
2021–presentPhD student and research associate at Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy, University of Leoben, Austria

PhD Thesis

Title: Sustainable aluminium alloys from mixed automotive scraps

The primary production of aluminium alloys requires a huge amount of energy and causes a lot of residues. Recycling is a way to reduce the energy demand and lowers the amount of residues. Recycling faces problems concerning an imbalance of scrap availability compared to scrap demand, the ignoble character of aluminium as well as complex and inefficient separating of the different alloys. A high demand of cast alloys in the automotive sector mostly for internal combustion engines makes the process of downcycling economically interesting for recycling of mixed scraps.

The predicted changes towards electric power units will shorten the market for cast alloys in automotive applications. This work calculates new alloys which are the result of mixing different automotive aluminium alloy scraps. The calculated alloys partially contain a huge amount of foreign elements (Si, Fe, Cu, Mg) and get melted, heat treated and finally investigated in their mechanical and microscopic properties.

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Krall P. and S. Pogatscher: Influence of cooling rates on new alloys from mixed automotive scraps. EMC proceedings (2023).


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